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Psalms Chapter 145

Psalms 145:1

psa 145:1

A Psalm of praise to God for His mighty, righteous, and gracious government of all men, and of His humble and suffering people in particular. (Psa. 145:1-21)

(Compare Psa 30:1).

bless thy name--celebrate Thy perfections (Psa 5:11). God is addressed as king, alluding to His government of men.

Psalms 145:3

psa 145:3

(Compare Psa 18:3; Psa 48:1).

greatness--as displayed in His works.

Psalms 145:4

psa 145:4

shall declare--literally, "they shall declare," that is, all generations.

Psalms 145:5

psa 145:5

I will speak--or, "muse" (Psa 77:12; Psa 119:15).

thy wondrous works--or, "words of thy wonders," that is, which described them (Psa 105:27, Margin).

Psalms 145:6

psa 145:6

terrible acts--which produce dread or fear.

Psalms 145:7

psa 145:7

memory-- (Psa 6:5), remembrance, or what causes to be remembered.

righteousness--as in Psa 143:1, goodness according to covenant engagement.

Psalms 145:8

psa 145:8

(Compare Psa 103:8; Psa 111:4).

over all, &c.--rests on all His works.

Psalms 145:10

psa 145:10

bless--as in Psa 145:1, to praise with reverence, more than merely to praise.

Psalms 145:11

psa 145:11

The declaration of God's glory is for the extension of His knowledge and perfections in the world.

Psalms 145:13

psa 145:13

(Compare Dan 4:3, Dan 4:34).

Psalms 145:14

psa 145:14

(Compare Psa 37:17; Psa 54:4).

Psalms 145:15

psa 145:15

eyes of . . . thee--or, look with expecting faith (Psa 104:27-28).

Psalms 145:17

psa 145:17

holy . . . works--literally, "merciful" or "kind, goodness" (Psa 144:2) is the corresponding noun.

righteous--in a similar relation of meaning to "righteousness" (Psa 145:7).

Psalms 145:18

psa 145:18

(Compare Psa 34:7, Psa 34:10).

Psalms 145:20

psa 145:20

Those who fear Him (Psa 145:19) are those who are here said to love Him.

Psalms 145:21

psa 145:21

(Compare Psa 33:21).

all flesh-- (Psa 65:2). The Psalm ends, as it began, with ascriptions of praise, in which the pious will ever delight to join.

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