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Psalms Chapter 136

Psalms 136:1

psa 136:1

The theme is the same as that of Psalm 135. God should be praised for His works of creation and providence, His deliverance and care of His people, and judgments on their enemies, and His goodness to all. The chorus to every verse is in terms of that of Psa 106:1; Psa 118:1-4, and was perhaps used as the Amen by the people, in worship (compare Ch1 16:36; Psa 105:45). (Psa. 136:1-26)

The divine titles denote supremacy.

Psalms 136:4

psa 136:4

alone--excluding all help.

Psalms 136:5

psa 136:5

by wisdom--or, "in wisdom" (Psa 104:24).

made--literally, "maker of."

above the waters--or, "higher than the waters" (Psa 24:2).

Psalms 136:12

psa 136:12

Compare similar expressions (Exo 3:20; Deu 4:34, &c.).

Psalms 136:15

psa 136:15

overthrew--literally, "shook off," as in Exo 14:27, as a contemptuous rejection of a reptile.

Psalms 136:23

psa 136:23

remembered us--or, "for us" (Psa 132:1).

our low estate--that is, captivity.

Psalms 136:24

psa 136:24

And hath redeemed us--or, literally, "snatched us"--alluding to the sudden deliverance effected by the overthrow of Babylon.

Psalms 136:25

psa 136:25

To the special favors to His people is added the record of God's goodness to all His creatures (compare Mat 6:30).

Psalms 136:26

psa 136:26

God of heaven--occurs but once (Jon 1:9) before the captivity. It is used by the later writers as specially distinguishing God from idols.

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