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Psalms Chapter 90

Psalms 90:1

psa 90:1

Contrasting man's frailty with God's eternity, the writer mourns over it as the punishment of sin, and prays for a return of the divine favor. A Prayer [mainly such] of Moses the man of God-- (Deu 33:1; Jos 14:6); as such he wrote this (see on Psa 18:1, title, and Psa 36:1, title). (Psa. 90:1-17)

dwelling-place--home (compare Eze 11:16), as a refuge (Deu 33:27).

Psalms 90:2

psa 90:2

brought forth [and] formed--both express the idea of production by birth.

Psalms 90:3

psa 90:3

to destruction--literally, "even to dust" (Gen 3:19), which is partly quoted in the last clause.

Psalms 90:4

psa 90:4

Even were our days now a thousand years, as Adam's, our life would be but a moment in God's sight (Pe2 3:8).

a watch--or, third part of a night (compare Exo 14:24).

Psalms 90:5

psa 90:5

Life is like grass, which, though changing under the influence of the night's dew, and flourishing in the morning, is soon cut down and withereth (Psa 103:15; Pe1 1:24).

Psalms 90:7

psa 90:7

For--A reason, this is the infliction of God's wrath.

troubled--literally, "confounded by terror" (Psa 2:5). Death is by sin (Rom 5:12). Though "secret," the light of God's countenance, as a candle, will bring sin to view (Pro 20:27; Co1 4:5).

Psalms 90:9

psa 90:9

are passed--literally, "turn," as to depart (Jer 6:4).

spend--literally, "consume."

as a tale--literally, "a thought," or, "a sigh" (Eze 2:10).

Psalms 90:10

psa 90:10

Moses' life was an exception (Deu 34:7).

it is . . . cut off--or, "driven," as is said of the quails in using the same word (Num 11:31). In view of this certain and speedy end, life is full of sorrow.

Psalms 90:11

psa 90:11

The whole verse may be read as a question implying the negative, "No one knows what Thy anger can do, and what Thy wrath is, estimated by a true piety."

Psalms 90:12

psa 90:12

This he prays we may know or understand, so as properly to number or appreciate the shortness of our days, that we may be wise.

Psalms 90:13

psa 90:13

(Compare Psa 13:2).

let it repent--a strong figure, as in Exo 32:12, imploring a change in His dealings.

Psalms 90:14

psa 90:14


Psalms 90:15

psa 90:15

As have been our sorrows, so let our joys be great and long.

Psalms 90:16

psa 90:16

thy work--or, providential acts.

thy glory-- (Psa 8:5; Psa 45:3), the honor accruing from Thy work of mercy to us.

Psalms 90:17

psa 90:17

let the beauty--or sum of His gracious acts, in their harmony, be illustrated in us, and favor our enterprise.

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