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Psalms Chapter 87

Psalms 87:1

psa 87:1

This triumphal song was probably occasioned by the same event as the forty-sixth [see on Psa 46:1, title]. The writer celebrates the glory of the Church, as the means of spiritual blessing to the nation. (Psa 87:1-7)

His--that is, God's

foundation--or, what He has founded, that is, Zion (Isa 14:32).

is in the holy mountains--the location of Zion, in the wide sense, for the capital, or Jerusalem, being on several hills.

Psalms 87:2

psa 87:2

gates--for the enclosures, or city to which they opened (Psa 9:14; Psa 122:2; compare Psa 132:13-14).

Psalms 87:3

psa 87:3

spoken of thee--or, "in thee," that is, the city of God (Psa 46:4; Psa 48:2).

Psalms 87:4

psa 87:4

This is what is spoken by God.

to them . . . me--literally, "for My knowers," they are true worshippers (Psa 36:10; Isa 19:21). These are mentioned as specimens.

this--that is, nation

was born there--Of each it is said, "This was born," or is a native of Zion, spiritually.

Psalms 87:5

psa 87:5

The writer resumes--

This and that man--literally, "man and man," or many (Gen 14:10; Exo 8:10, Exo 8:14), or all (Isa 44:5; Gal 3:28).

the highest . . . her--God is her protector.

Psalms 87:6

psa 87:6

The same idea is set forth under the figure of a register made by God (compare Isa 4:3).

Psalms 87:7

psa 87:7

As in a great procession of those thus written up, or registered, seeking Zion (Isa 2:3; Jer 50:5), "the singers" and "players," or pipers, shall precede.

all my springs--So each shall say, "All my sources of spiritual joy are in Thee" (Psa 46:4; Psa 84:6).

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