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Psalms Chapter 79

Psalms 79:1

psa 79:1

This Psalm, like the seventy-fourth, probably depicts the desolations of the Chaldeans (Jer 52:12-24). It comprises the usual complaint, prayer, and promised thanks for relief. (Psa 79:1-13)

(Compare Psa 74:2-7).

Psalms 79:2

psa 79:2

(Compare Jer 15:3; Jer 16:4).

Psalms 79:4

psa 79:4

(Compare Psa 44:13; Jer 42:18; Lam 2:15).

Psalms 79:5

psa 79:5

How long-- (Psa 13:1).

be angry-- (Psa 74:1-10).

jealousy burn-- (Deu 29:20).

Psalms 79:6

psa 79:6

(Compare Jer 10:25). Though we deserve much, do not the heathen deserve more for their violence to us (Jer 51:3-5; Zac 1:14)? The singular denotes the chief power, and the use of the plural indicates the combined confederates.

called upon--or, "by"

thy name--proclaimed Thy attributes and professed allegiance (Isa 12:4; Act 2:21).

Psalms 79:8

psa 79:8

former iniquities--literally, "iniquities of former times."

prevent us--literally, "meet us," as in Psa 21:3.

Psalms 79:9

psa 79:9

for . . . glory of thy name [and for] thy name's sake--both mean for illustrating Thy attributes, faithfulness, power, &c.

purge . . . sins--literally, "provide atonement for us." Deliverance from sin and suffering, for their good and God's glory, often distinguish the prayers of Old Testament saints (compare Eph 1:7).

Psalms 79:10

psa 79:10

This ground of pleading often used (Exo 32:12; Num 14:13-16).

blood . . . shed-- (Psa 79:3).

Psalms 79:11

psa 79:11

prisoner--the whole captive people.

power--literally, "arm" (Psa 10:15).

Psalms 79:12

psa 79:12

into their bosom--The lap or folds of the dress is used by Eastern people for receiving articles. The figure denotes retaliation (compare Isa 65:6-7). They reproached God as well as His people.

Psalms 79:13

psa 79:13

sheep . . . pasture--(Compare Psa 74:1; Psa 78:70).

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