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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882] at

Psalms Chapter 76

Psalms 76:1

psa 76:1

On Neginoth--(See on Psa 4:1, title). This Psalm commemorates what the preceding anticipates: God's deliverance of His people by a signal interposition of power against their enemies. The occasion was probably the events narrated in Kg2 19:35; Isa. 37:1-28. (Compare Psa 46:1-11). (Psa 76:1-12)

These well-known terms denote God's people and Church and His intimate and glorious relations to them.

Psalms 76:2

psa 76:2

Salem-- (Gen 14:18) is Jerusalem.

Psalms 76:3

psa 76:3

brake . . . the arrows--literally, "thunderbolts" (Psa 78:48), from their rapid flight or ignition (compare Psa 18:14; Eph 6:16).

the battle--for arms (Hos 2:18).

Psalms 76:4

psa 76:4


mountains of prey--great victorious nations, as Assyria (Isa 41:15; Eze 38:11-12; Zac 4:7).

Psalms 76:5

psa 76:5

slept their sleep--died (Psa 13:3).

none . . . found . . . hands--are powerless.

Psalms 76:6

psa 76:6

chariot and horse--for those fighting on them (compare Psa 68:17).

Psalms 76:7

psa 76:7

may . . . sight--contend with Thee (Deu 9:4; Jos 7:12).

Psalms 76:8

psa 76:8

God's judgment on the wicked is His people's deliverance (Psa 9:12; Psa 10:7).

Psalms 76:10

psa 76:10

Man's wrath praises God by its futility before His power.

restrain--or, "gird"; that is, Thyself, as with a sword, with which to destroy, or as an ornament to Thy praise.

Psalms 76:11

psa 76:11

Invite homage to such a God (Ch2 32:23), who can stop the breath of kings and princes when He wills (Dan 5:23).

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