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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882] at

Psalms Chapter 64

Psalms 64:1

psa 64:1

A prayer for deliverance from cunning and malicious enemies, with a confident view of their overthrow, which will honor God and give joy to the righteous. (Psa 64:1-10)

preserve . . . fear--as well as the danger producing it.

Psalms 64:2

psa 64:2

insurrection--literally, "uproar," noisy assaults, as well as their secret counsels.

Psalms 64:3

psa 64:3

Similar figures for slander (Psa 57:4; Psa 59:7).

bend--literally, "tread," or, "prepared." The allusion is to the mode of bending a bow by treading on it; here, and in Psa 58:7, transferred to arrows.

Psalms 64:4

psa 64:4

the perfect--one innocent of the charges made (Psa 18:23).

fear not-- (Psa 55:19), not regarding God.

Psalms 64:5

psa 64:5

A sentiment here more fully presented, by depicting their deliberate malice.

Psalms 64:6

psa 64:6

This is further evinced by their diligent efforts and deeply laid schemes.

Psalms 64:7

psa 64:7

The contrast is heightened by representing God as using weapons like theirs.

Psalms 64:8

psa 64:8

their . . . tongue to fall, &c.--that is, the consequences of their slanders, &c. (compare Psa 10:2; Psa 31:16).

all that see . . . away--Their partners in evil shall be terrified.

Psalms 64:9

psa 64:9

Men, generally, will acknowledge God's work, and the righteous, rejoicing in it, shall be encouraged to trust Him (Psa 58:10).

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