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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882] at

Psalms Chapter 59

Psalms 59:1

psa 59:1

See on Psa 57:1, title, and for history, Sa1 19:11, &c. The scope is very similar to that of the fifty-seventh: prayer in view of malicious and violent foes, and joy in prospect of relief. (Psa. 59:1-17)

defend me--(Compare Margin).

rise up . . . me--(Compare Psa 17:7).

Psalms 59:2

psa 59:2

(Compare Psa 5:5; Psa 6:8).

Psalms 59:4

psa 59:4

prepare, &c.--literally, "set themselves as in array."

awake--(Compare Psa 3:7; Psa 7:6), appeals to God in His covenant relation to His people (Psa 9:18).

Psalms 59:6

psa 59:6

They are as ravening dogs seeking prey, and as such,

belch out--that is, slanders, their impudent barkings.

Psalms 59:7

psa 59:7

for who, say they--For the full expression with the supplied words, compare Psa 64:5.

Psalms 59:8

psa 59:8

(Compare Psa 2:4; Psa 37:13).

Psalms 59:9

psa 59:9

By judicious expositors, and on good grounds, this is better rendered, "O my strength, on Thee will I wait" (Psa 59:17).

defence--(Compare Psa 18:3).

Psalms 59:10

psa 59:10

prevent me-- (Psa 21:3).

see my desire--in their overthrow (Psa 54:7).

enemies--as in Psa 5:8.

Psalms 59:11

psa 59:11

Slay them not--at once (Jdg 2:21-23); but perpetuate their punishment (Gen 4:12; Num 32:13), by scattering or making them wander, and humble them.

Psalms 59:12

psa 59:12

let them even be . . . taken in their pride--while evincing it--that is, to be punished for their lies, &c.

Psalms 59:13

psa 59:13

Though delayed for wise reasons, the utter destruction of the wicked must come at last, and God's presence and power in and for His Church will be known abroad (Sa1 17:46; Psa 46:10-11).

Psalms 59:14

psa 59:14

Meanwhile let the rapacious dogs prowl, they cannot hurt the pious; yea, they shall wander famished and sleepless.

Psalms 59:15

psa 59:15

grudge if, &c.--literally, "they shall stay all night," that is, obtain nothing.

Psalms 59:16

psa 59:16

Contrast the lot of God's servant, who employs his time in God's praise.

sing aloud . . . in the morning--when they retire famishing and disappointed, or it may denote delightful diligence in praise, as in Psa 30:5.

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