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A Commentary, Critical, Practical, and Explanatory on the Old and New Testaments, by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and David Brown [1882] at

Psalms Chapter 6

Psalms 6:1

psa 6:1

On Neginoth (See on Psa 4:1, title) upon Sheminith--the eighth--an instrument for the eighth key; or, more probably, the bass, as it is contrasted with Alamoth (the treble, Psa 46:1) in Ch1 15:20-21. In deep affliction the Psalmist appeals to God's mercy for relief from chastisement, which otherwise must destroy him, and thus disable him for God's service. Sure of a gracious answer, he triumphantly rebukes his foes. (Psa 6:1-10)

He owns his ill desert in begging a relief from chastisement.

Psalms 6:2

psa 6:2

I am weak--as a culled plant (Isa 24:4).

my bones--the very frame.

are vexed-- (Psa 2:5) --shaken with fear.

Psalms 6:3

psa 6:3

how long?--shall this be so (compare Psa 79:5).

but--or, "and."

thou--The sentence is incomplete as expressive of strong emotion.

Psalms 6:4

psa 6:4

Return--that is, to my relief; or, "turn," as now having His face averted.

for thy mercies' sake--to illustrate Thy mercy.

Psalms 6:5

psa 6:5

(Compare Psa 115:17-18; Isa 38:18). There is no incredulity as to a future state. The contrast is between this scene of life, and the grave or Sheol, the unseen world of the dead.

give . . . thanks--or, "praise for mercies."

Psalms 6:6

psa 6:6

By a strong figure the abundance as well as intensity of grief is depicted.

Psalms 6:7

psa 6:7

consumed--or, "has failed," denoting general debility (Psa 13:3; Psa 38:10).

waxeth old--or, "dim."

grief--mingled with indignation.

Psalms 6:8

psa 6:8

Assured of God's hearing, he suddenly defies his enemies by an address indicating that he no longer fears them.

Psalms 6:10

psa 6:10

and knows they will be disappointed and in their turn (compare Psa 6:3) be terror-stricken or confounded.

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