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Synopsis of the Books of the Bible, by John Nelson Darby, [1857-62], at

Jeremiah Chapter 13

Chapter 13, bringing to mind how God had bound Israel to His heart, announces the terrible judgment with which the people shall, as it were, be drunken; and, on the ground of this judgment, calls them to repentance. He relates their hopeless evil, and the unfeigned grief of the prophet at their obstinacy. Compare Luk 19:41. This zeal for Jehovah's glory against the evil and the people who dishonoured Him, and touching affection to them as Jehovah's people, is everywhere a striking mark of the working of the Spirit of Christ. Compare Moses (Exo 32:27-28; Exo 32:31, and sequel); so Paul (Romans 9; Th1 2:15-16): only here, under grace, there is no call for judgment; so even Christ Himself (compare Mat 23:31-37).

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