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1 Chronicles Chapter 14

1 Chronicles

ch1 14:0

Hiram sends artificers and materials to David, to build him a house, Ch1 14:1, Ch1 14:2. David's wives and children, Ch1 14:3-7. He defeats the Philistines in two battles: one in the valley of Rephaim, Ch1 14:8-12; and the other at Gibeon and Gazer, Ch1 14:13-16. His fame goes out into all the surrounding nations, Ch1 14:17.

1 Chronicles 14:1

ch1 14:1

Now Hiram king of Tyre - See the transactions of this chapter related Sa2 5:11-25 (note).

1 Chronicles 14:4

ch1 14:4

These are the names of his children - In Sa2 5:14-16 (note), eleven persons only are mentioned in the Hebrew text, but the Septuagint has twenty-four, here there are thirteen, and all the versions have the same number, with certain varieties in the names. - See the notes there.

1 Chronicles 14:8

ch1 14:8

The Philistines went up to seek David - See on Sa2 5:17 (note).

1 Chronicles 14:10

ch1 14:10

David inquired of God - "David consulted the Word of the Lord." - T.

1 Chronicles 14:11

ch1 14:11

Like the breaking forth of waters - "And David said, The Lord hath broken the enemies of David like to the breaking of a potter's vessel full of water." - T.

1 Chronicles 14:15

ch1 14:15

A sound of going - "When thou shalt hear the sound of the angels coming to thy assistance, then go out to battle; for an angel is sent from the presence of God, that he may render thy way prosperous." - T.

1 Chronicles 14:17

ch1 14:17

Into all lands - That is, all the surrounding or neighboring lands and nations, for no others can possibly be intended.

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