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1 Chronicles Chapter 13

1 Chronicles

ch1 13:0

David consults with his officers, and resolves to bring back the ark from the house of Abinadab, Ch1 13:1-4. They place it on a new cart, and Uzza and Ahio drive the cart; the oxen stumbling, Uzza puts forth his hand to save the ark from falling, and he is smitten by the Lord, Ch1 13:5-10. David is displeased, and orders the ark to be carried to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite, Ch1 13:11-13. The ark abides there three months, and the Lord blesses Obed-edom, Ch1 13:14.

1 Chronicles 13:1

ch1 13:1

David consulted - Having taken the strong hold of Zion from the Jebusites, organized his army, got assurances of the friendly disposition of the Israelites towards him, he judged it right to do what he could for the establishment of religion in the land; and as a first step, consulted on the propriety of bringing the ark from an obscure village, where it had remained during the reign of Saul, to the royal city or seat of government.

1 Chronicles 13:5

ch1 13:5

From Shihor of Egypt even unto the entering of Hemath - "Therefore David gathered all Israel, from the Nile, נילוס Nilos, of Egypt, even to the entrance of Antioch." - T.

1 Chronicles 13:6

ch1 13:6

Whose name is called on it - "Where his name is invoked." - T.

And so the Hebrew, אשר נקרא שם asher nikra shem, should be understood, his name was not called on it, but invoked at it.

1 Chronicles 13:7

ch1 13:7

In a new cart - Lest it should be profaned by being placed on any carriage that had been employed about common uses.

Uzza and Ahio - All the versions understand אחיו achyo as signifying brother or brothers; so does Jarchi, who observes, from Sa2 6:3, that these were the sons of Abinadab.

1 Chronicles 13:9

ch1 13:9

Uzza put forth his hand - See this transaction explained Sa2 6:6 (note), etc.

1 Chronicles 13:14

ch1 13:14

The Lord blessed the house of Obed-edom - That this man was only a sojourner at Gath, whence he was termed Gittite, and that he was originally a Levite, is evident from Ch1 15:17, Ch1 15:18.

The Targum ends this chapter thus: "And the Word of the Lord blessed Obed-edom, and his children, and his grand-children; and his wife conceived, and his eight daughters-in-law: and each brought forth eight at one birth, insomuch that in one day there were found, of fathers and children, fourscore and one; and He blessed and increased greatly all that belonged to him." This exposition will not be generally received; but all rabbins must be allowed to deal in the marvellous.

For other remarks see on Sa2 6:1 (note), etc.

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