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Ruth Chapter 3

Ruth 3:2

rut 3:2

Behold, he winnoweth barley ... - The simple manners of Boaz and his times are here before us. This "mighty man of wealth" assists personally in the winnowing of his barley, which lies in a great heap on the floor Rut 3:15, and sleeps in the open threshing-floor to protect his grain from depredation.

Tonight - For the sake of the breeze which springs up at sunset, and greatly facilitates the "cleansing" (separation) of the grain tossed up across the wind.

Ruth 3:4

rut 3:4

Uncover his feet - Rather, "the place of his feet;" the foot of his bed, as we should say. So also Rut 3:7-8.

Ruth 3:8

rut 3:8

Turned himself - Rather, "bent forward," so as to feel what it was which was at his feet. The same word is translated "took hold of," in Jdg 16:29.

Ruth 3:9

rut 3:9

Spread thy skirt ... - The phrase indicates receiving and acknowledging her as a wife.

Ruth 3:10

rut 3:10

Thou hast shewed more kindness ... - Literally, "Thou hast made thy last kindness better than the first." Her last kindness was her willingness to accept Boaz for her husband, advanced in years as he was.

Ruth 3:12

rut 3:12

By "kinsman," understand the גאל gā'al (Rut 2:20 note).

Ruth 3:15

rut 3:15

The vail - Quite a different word from that rendered "vail," in Gen 38:14. It seems rather to mean a kind of loose cloak, worn over the ordinary dress (see the margin).

Six measures - i. e. six seahs, in all two ephahs, twice as much as she gleaned Rut 3:17, and a heavy load to carry; for which reason he laid it on her, probably placed it on her head. It is well known that women can carry great weights when duly positioned on their heads.

And she went into the city - The Hebrew has "he went," namely, Boaz, where, accordingly, we find him Rut 4:1.

Ruth 3:16

rut 3:16

Who art thou, my daughter? - In the dim twilight Rut 3:14 her mother was not sure at first who the young woman was, who sought admittance into the house.

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