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Notes on the Bible, by Albert Barnes, [1834], at

Ezekiel Chapter 35

Ezekiel 35:1

eze 35:1

In Ezek. 35-36 we see the devastation of Edom, and the restoration of Israel. Edom was included among the nations against which Ezekiel prophesied Eze 25:12-14. But its fuller doom was reserved for this place, because Edom was one of the surrounding nations that profited at first by Judah's fall, and because it helps by way of contrast to bring out in a marked way the better future designed for Israel. Edom is the God-hating, God-opposing power, ever distinguished for its bitter hatred against Israel; and so the ruin of Edom is the triumph of Israel in the power of God.

Ezekiel 35:5

eze 35:5

Shed blood - Omit "blood:" better as in the margin, i. e., and hast given up the children of Israel to the sword; thou hast scattered the children of Israel in confusion like stones poured down a mountain-side Mic 1:6.

That their iniquity had an end - Or, "of the iniquity of the end," i. e., the time when by the capture of the city the iniquity of Israel came to an end Eze 21:29.

Ezekiel 35:9

eze 35:9

Return - Or, "be inhabited."

Ezekiel 35:10

eze 35:10

These two nations - Israel and Judah.

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