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Notes on the Bible, by Albert Barnes, [1834], at

1 Chronicles Chapter 17

1 Chronicles 17:1

ch1 17:1

Compare throughout 2 Sam. 7 and the notes found there.

1 Chronicles 17:13

ch1 17:13

My son - The minatory clause which occurs after this in Samuel is here omitted, because the writer is not about to record the sins of Solomon, or the sufferings 1 Kings 11:9-40 which he thereby brought upon himself.

1 Chronicles 17:17

ch1 17:17

Hast regarded me ... - i. e., "Thou hast elevated me above other men, by making my kingdom perpetual, regarding me as if I were a man of high degree." Compare the Sa2 7:19 note.

1 Chronicles 17:18

ch1 17:18

For the honor of thy servant - i. e., "for the honor which Thou hast done for Thy servant." The Septuagint omits "Thy servant," and renders it: "What can David say more to Thee to glorify Thee? For Thou knowest," etc.

1 Chronicles 17:24

ch1 17:24

Some prefer, "And let Thy name be established and magnified forever:" i. e., "Let not only Thy promise stand firm, but let Thy Name also stand firm (continue to be held in honor) and be magnified," etc.

1 Chronicles 17:27

ch1 17:27

The marginal rendering is preferable.

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