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A box, a cage,-- A square, to make the bird  777 ,-- Pandolfino's book, mortar [?],-- Small knives, Venieri for the


p. 437

Pen for ruling, stone,--star,--

To have the vest dyed, Alfieri's tazza,--

The Libraries, the book on celestial phenomena,-- 779

Lactantius of the go to the house of Daldi,-- the Pazzi,

Book from Maestro small box,-- Paolo Infermieri,--

Boots, shoes and small gimlet,-- hose,

Lac, .......,--

An apprentice for .....,-- models,

Grammar of Lo-the amount of the renzo de' Medici,...

Giovanni del Sodo ..... for...,--the broken

Sansovino, the....

Piero di Cosino  780 , the wings,--

Filippo and Lorenzo  781 ,--A ruler-,-- Spectacles,--to do the..... again,--To- maso's book,--Michelagnolo's chain,--The multiplication of roots,--Of the bow and strinch,--The map of the world from Benci,-- Socks,--The clothes from the custom-house officier,--Cordova leather,--Market books,

--waters of Cronaca,--waters of Tanaglino...,

--the caps,--Rosso's mirror; to see him make it,--1/3 of which I have 5/6,--on the celestial phenomena, by Aristotle  782 ,--boxes of Lorenzo di Pier Francesco  783 ,--Maestro Piero of the Borgo,--To have my book bound,--Show the book to Serigatto,-- and get the rule of the clock  784 ,-- ring,--nutmeg,--gum,--the square,--Giovan' Batista at the piazza, de' Mozzi,--Giovanni Benci has my book and jaspers,--brass for the spectacles.


436:777 2: Vasari states that Leonardo invented mechanical birds which moved through the air. Compare No. 703.

436:778 : 1454. Much of No. 1444 is repeated in this memorandum.

437:779 : 7. 36. Meteora. See No. 1448, 25.

437:780 16: Pier di Cosimo the well known Florentine painter 1462-1521. See VASARI, Vite (Vol. IV, p. 134 ed. Sansoni 1880) about Leonardo's influence on Piero di Cosimo's style of painting.

437:781 17: Filippo e Lorenzo; probably the painters Filippino Lippi and Lorenzo di Credi. L. di Credi's pictures and Vasari's history of that painter bear ample evidence to his intimate relations with Leonardo.

437:782 36: Meteora. See No. 1448, 25.

437:783 37: Lorenzo di Pier Francesco and his brother Giovanni were a lateral branch of the Medici family and changed their name for that of Popolani.

437:784 41: Possibly this refers to the clock on the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio at Florence. In February 1512 it had been repaired, and so arranged as to indicate the hours after the French manner (twelve hours a. m. and as many p. m.).

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