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That the sun could not be mirrored in the body of the moon, which is a convex mirror,

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p. 160

in such a way as that so much of its surface as is illuminated by the sun, should reflect the sun unless the moon had a surface adapted to reflect it--in waves and ridges, like the surface of the sea when its surface is moved by the wind.


The waves in water multiply the image of the object reflected in it.

These waves reflect light, each by its own line, as the surface of the fir cone does  471

These are 2 figures one different from the other; one with undulating water and the other with smooth water.

It is impossible that at any distance the image of the sun cast on the surface of a spherical body should occupy the half of the sphere.

Here you must prove that the earth produces all the same effects with regard to the moon, as the moon with regard to the earth.

The moon, with its reflected light, does not shine like the sun, because the light of the moon is not a continuous reflection of that of the sun on its whole surface, but only on the crests and hollows of the waves of its waters; and thus the sun being confusedly reflected, from the admixture of the shadows that lie between the lustrous waves, its light is not pure and clear as the sun is.

 472 . The earth between the moon on the fifteenth day and the sun.  473 Here the sun is in the East and the moon on the fifteenth day in the West.  474 The moon on the fifteenth [day] between the earth and the sun. [41]Here it is the moon which has the sun to the West and the earth to the East.


160:470 : In the original diagrams sole is written at the place marked A; luna at C, and terra at the two spots marked B.

160:471 14: See the diagram p. 145.

160:472 38: This refers to the small diagram placed between B and B.--

160:473 39: See the diagram below the one referred to in the preceding note.

160:474 40.41: Refers to the diagram below the others.

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