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VII. On the Proportions and on the Movements of the Human Figure Index
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The relative proportions of the head and of the torso.From the roots of the hair to the top of the breast a b is the sixth part of the height of a man and this measure is equal.

p. 180

From the outside part of one shoulder to the other is the same distance as from the top of the breast to the navel and this measure goes four times from the sole of the foot to the lower end of the nose.

The [thickness of] the arm where it springs from the shoulder in front goes 6 times into the space between the two outside edges of the shoulders and 3 times into the face, and four times into the length of the foot and three into the hand, inside or outside.



180:157 : The three sketches Pl. XIV, No. 2 belong to this text.

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